Skin treatments

In the Sothys salons, everything is carefully considered. We know that each detail is important and that the beauty resonates like harmonic music coming from inside each of us. As there is beauty in each and every tone, we let that tone sound in harmony with your taste, desires and individual needs.

Normal and combination skin treatment
To treat the normal to combination skin type we use products of the Hydra Protective series. The products help to keep your skin balanced and hydrated. They reduce T zone issues and protect the skin against adverse weather conditions.

70 min / 39.00 €
Oily skin treatment
The Oily skin and acne requires specific and regular care carried out at home as well as in a beauty salon. By regular treatment, we can reduce seborrhoea, prevent inflammation and keep pores clean. Moreover, the Sothys products designed for oily skin treatment hydrate the skin.

70 min / 39.00 €
Dry skin treatment
The dry skin's hydrolipidic film does not contain a sufficient amount of fatty and hydrating substances naturally present in our skin. The skin is rough and it has to be stimulated to generate its own lipids that act as its natural barrier and protection.

70 min / 39.00 €
Sensitive skin treatment
The problem of sensitive skin lies in aggressive climatic conditions, workload, stress, sun radiation, diet and inappropriate cosmetics products. The Sothys treatment will improve your skin conditions, calm you down and help you protect yourself against aggressive external impacts.
70 min / 39.00 €
Treatment of the skin with visible broken capillaries
The redness of skin can be experienced by anybody from 20 to 70 years of age. This problem is typical for about 15% of the overall population. When treating the skin with broken capillaries it is therefore necessary to provide the skin with substances strengthening its vessels, making the skin more resistant to external aggressors, improving its comfort and reducing red blotches.

70 min / 39.00 €
Ageing skin treatment
The goal of ageing skin treatment is to effectively reduce sins of ageing, make the skin firmer and maintain its natural level of hydration, nourishment and firmness.

70 min / 39.00 €
Dehydrated skin treatment
The goal of the treatment is to effectively reduce signs of skin dehydration and maintain its natural hydration, nourishment and firmness.
70 min / 39.00 €
Additional ServicesEyebrow shaping and colouring 10 min / 7.00 €
Facial and décolleté massage 20 min / 15.00 €
Complex facial treatment - deep cleansing and massage 90 min / 45.00 €
Paraffin hand wrap and hand massage 30 min / 19.00 €


Part of the face 10 min / 7.00 €, Ruky 15 min / 9.00 €
Tibia and bikini line 20 min / 12.00 €
Whole legs 60 min / 29.00 €



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