Sothys Beauty Treatments

It all starts with communication with your therapist. After that, let her hands speak. Personalised treatments and their active substances, a relaxing massage, easing décolletage, arm, face and head muscles up to hair follicles. Improving and effective complexion treatments that make your skin look smooth and glowing.


Digi-Esthétique - a patent-protected massage by SOTHYS PARIS corresponding to the company's beauty salon treatments. It incorporates 2 techniques, the Eastern and the Western one. The Eastern technique is based on stimulation of the meridians on client's face and the Western technique lies in relaxation, smoothing and lymphatic drainage. By pressing meridians (energy pathways of internal body organs) energy of individual internal body organs is stimulated.

The Western massage technique by Digi-Esthétique consists of 2 phases

  1. The first phase focuses on relaxation and has a form of a back massage. 
  2. The second phase - the drainage phase - we respect the natural lymphatic flow, thus helping the skin detoxify.

 This massage also contains movements that prevent new wrinkles and reduce the existing ones.

Sothys Beauty Treatments

It eliminates signs of ageing, fatigue and stress and supports or induces the state of deep relaxation. Moreover, it revitalises body and boosts energy. It has a positive impact on client's physical and mental state and reduces toxic substances in client's body.

45 min / 28.00 €
Intensive Hydradvance™ treatment
Optimum hydration is the key to beauty preserving. That is why the Sothys Paris treatment is inspired by gene research. This tailored solution offers one-of-a-kind hydration effect. Give your skin 75 minutes of exceptional care that uses a combination of active components of a prime technology to perfectly hydrate your skin.

75 min / 55.00 €
Season-based facial treatment
Open your heart to the rhythm pleasing every modern and active woman, for whom the health and beauty of her skin is important and who is interested in skin care news. We offer one-of-a-kind natural skin treatment that is based on refreshing fruit effects. The concept of the treatment respects seasonal changes and basic needs of the skin: adding glow and toning in spring and summer months and protecting and nourishing in autumn and wintertime.

60 min / 45.00 € 
Eye contour – Programme providing high protection to the skin around your eyesThe skin around your eyes is extremely delicate and has no sebaceous glands that would protect it. It has to withstand UV radiation and adverse climatic impacts. Moreover, it is extremely stressed by eye movements - each day, we blink about 10,000 times on average. The facial skin is first prone to wrinkles. It is, therefore recommended to start using eye skin- firming care products and active treatments from 25 years of age.
Eye contour 60 min.
This treatment developed especially for the skin around eyes, helps reducing the feelings of fatigue and ageing thanks to the application of four main steps. The combination of therapist's hands and china spoons designed especially for Sothys turns this treatment into a unique moment for your eyes. Suitable for any skin type and any age group all year long.

60 min / 35.00 € 
Eye contour 90 min.
Thanks to its effects, this treatment can be carried out either as a separate course of treatment or as preparation for an intensive anti-age or hydration treatment that would give the skin an energy boost and make it glow. An all-year treatment suitable for both, men and women of any skin type or any age group.

90 min / 55.00 € 
Chocolate facial treatment
An exquisite professional treatment by Bernard Cassière, for which chocolate containing 64% of pure cocoa is used. This fabulous "sweet" treatment made from coco butter, orange essential oils, chocolate fondue and vanilla extract will "sweeten" your skin. Excellent unusual textures of the above products and professional massage techniques guarantee an authentic "chocolate" experience.

60 min / 39.00 € 
Basic men’s treatment
Basic treatment to refresh and detoxify men's skin. The treatment brings relaxation and positive effects. The skin can withstand external impacts much better and looks perfect.

70 min / 45.00 € 

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